Array Number Ranges in JavaScript ES6

I've spent the last few days really digging into ECMAScript 6. The sheer scope of it compared to ES5 is amazing, and has me all excited for the possibilities the »

Link Roundup #1 - Because Writing is Hard

One of my favorite things is to enjoy being bad at things. Mostly because life is short, and art long. Since I don't have the 10,000 hours needed to »

Blast Away Fear

I had already written a fair bit of this post on the power of fear when I stumbled upon Raquel VĂ©lez's recent post on her own fears of anonymous abuse »

Some old stuff

Some of the artwork I did in college is no longer on the web after I transitioned to my new site. I figured I'd put it up just for kicks »

Life is like Nethack

Mars help me, I've started playing Nethack. This classic game, originally released in 1987, is considered by some to be "one of the oldest games still being developed."1 Of »

Processing is so cool

I've begun reading the excellent book, The Nature of Code and watching its accompanying videos by the equally cool Daniel Shiffman, and I'm truly fascinated by what I'm learning. Daniel »