Always be building.

I'm a web engineer specializing in JavaScript applications within the browser and Node.js. I know the React and Ember frameworks, Python, Django, C++, and some Ruby on Rails. I also designed and built the Ether framework.


I've used the Backbone and Ember frameworks, and designed and built Ether. I like to use ES6 to split my work into single-purpose modules and believe that building mobile-first, responsive sites with appropriate caching and a small footprint is the best way to go.


In my unending quest for knowledge I've learned to work within the Express, Django, and Ruby on Rails frameworks, managing data both with ORMs and vanilla SQL. I'm most comfortable when a REST API with JSON endpoints serves to drive an application.


Design is a passion, and I take every opportunity to learn better design skills and tools. I like to use Sass when writing CSS, but with advancements in the spec I've become more comfortable writing next-generation vanilla CSS. I use Photoshop and Illustrator or GIMP and Inkscape for graphics design.


I'm a total Linux geek. I administer my own server with nagios/icinga, automatic backups, and mdadm RAID mixed with LVM. I manage my own Jenkins CI and Selenium servers for running unit, functional, and acceptance (aka integration) tests and have used Docker, Vagrant, and Puppet for environment management.