It's Time for New Leadership

Oceans are rising, health care is vanishing, and wages are flatlining. It’s time for new leadership. Student loan debt is crushing, inequality is glaring, and babies are dying in cages. It’s time for new leadership. Prisons are destroying families and communities, women are losing their rights, and the economy—no, life itself—has been rigged for the wealthiest few. It’s time for new leadership!

Por fin, estoy aprendiendo español

Me da mucha alegría estar aprendiendo español, ¡después de veintiocho años! Por toda mi vida, yo he querido aprenderlo, y finalmente tengo la oportunidad. No es sencillo, aprender un idioma, pero la que está ayundandome es Duolingo, una aplicación fantástica. Está disponible en los teléfonos inteligentes, pero prefiero la versión en la computadora, que se puede utilizar con un web browser como Firefox o Chrome. Me siento que es mejor porque para mí, utilizando el teclado es muy importante—yo puedo escribir a máquina mucho más rápido con una computadora que un teléfono.

Array Number Ranges in JavaScript ES6

Warning: Since this post was published, the ECMAScript Technical Committee has removed the comprehensions feature from ES6. This post shows usage of other (supported) features of the language, and has been left unedited. I’ve spent the last few days really digging into ECMAScript 6. The sheer scope of it compared to ES5 is amazing, and has me all excited for the possibilities the web has available for us in the very near future!

Link Roundup #1 - Because Writing is Hard

One of my favorite things is to enjoy being bad at things. Mostly because life is short, and art long. Since I don’t have the 10,000 hours needed to achieve mastery in all the things I want to do, I’m gonna be spending a whole lot of my time on Earth being bad at stuff, and may as well like it. One of these things is writing. I wish I had more time to write blog posts, but I’ve learned (unsurprisingly) that writing something relatively interesting and insightful, nevermind original, requires quite a lot of time and effort.

Blast Away Fear

I had already written a fair bit of this post on the power of fear when I stumbled upon Raquel Vélez’s recent post on her own fears of anonymous abuse on the internet. This gave me significant pause in considering fear as a subject of discussion. This increase in abuse on the internet, especially towards women, needs to stop. The courage of those, particularly women and LGBT, who stand firm in the barrage of threats and harrassment, makes them the inspirational figures of our modern age.

Some old stuff

Some of the artwork I did in college is no longer on the web after I transitioned to my new site. I figured I’d put it up just for kicks. If art is somewhat self-indulgent, then I’m not sure what sort of meaning you’ll take away from this, but I hope you like it.

Life is like Nethack

Mars help me, I’ve started playing Nethack. This classic game, originally released in 1987, is considered by some to be “one of the oldest games still being developed.”1 Of its predecessor, Rogue, legendary hacker Dennis Ritchie “was quoted as saying that Rogue wasted more CPU time than anything in history.”2 …And Nethack is much, much more addictive. If you could quaff Nethack, it would be a potent potable. One of its players’ main sayings is “TDTTOE,” or, The Dev Team Thinks of Everything.